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Once there was a gal who loved all things dog and vintage, so she started a little collar company called Lucky Fiona in 2007, creating and selling gorgeous custom dog and cat collars on Etsy through People and animal companions loved the collars. The end.

Well, not really. This is a new beginning! Feeling pigeonholed selling on Etsy, the powers that be decided in late 2010 there had to be more ways to share creative hand crafted/designed items and a dog world view. The seed for the new was planted. So, welcome to our new Dog Culture website where you can buy direct. A place for collars certainly, but also art and fun and chat about those special creatures with four paws we share our lives with. In addition to the same wonderful Lucky Fiona collars you know and adore,we will also feature dog centric tee shirts, eco friendly hand crafted accessories, and whatever else crafty little minds come up with in the Studio.

Shannon Barry – The Head Bitch Herself

Shannon Barry is a born and raised New Yorker (Go Yankees) currently living in the Chicagoland region with her darling hubby and high school sweetheart Alex and their pack of 5 animal companions. Dugan the Irish Setter, Lily and Pogue both English Setters, as well as Sully and Brody, the resident felines. All rescues - all spoiled rotten.

Shannon said goodbye to medical sales and business casual slacks in the late 90’s to pursue a career working with animals as they in general are a hell of lot easier to deal with than humans. She trained in veterinary medicine, first as an assistant and technician and later led a team as a veterinary clinic manager. She used her college education in Art History (insert “what good does an Art History degree do?” joke here) to open a successful full-service pet sitting service in the Chicago suburbs 2000 – 2005 and also managed a small Dog Nanny firm from 2006-2009 focusing on special need animals. Shannon relished in caring for animals and giving her personal touch to their home care with animal portraiture, homemade treats and custom made collars. Hmmm, collars! A love of vintage fabrics and frustration with the lack of truly unique collars available in catalogs and boutiques spawned Lucky Fiona. Over 5000 collars have been handmade with all USA raw materials since Lucky Fiona launched in 2007 and our collars have been featured in boutiques all across the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Shannon enjoys creative writing (follow our blog!), organic gardening, photography and earning Urban Farm Girl merit badges. She is an active volunteer with Ohio English Setter Rescue, coordinating the Chicagoland Chapter, and is passionate about animal humane work and rescue awareness. She craves New York pizza daily, loves the ocean, and doesn’t regret any of her tattoos. In 5 years she hopes to be able to embrace the professional career label of “artist”, have her writing published in an esteemed periodical, and still have her heart go pitter-pat when she unexpectedly sees Alex across a crowded room.

AlexShannonAlexander Rainboth - Official "Man Behind the Bitch" /Chief Fabricator/Big Idea Man/Guy Who Deals with Numbers

Being married to a free spirit artist requires a counterpart who can think logically and do math; Alex serves both points very well as the husband of Shannon Barry and not so silent parter of Lucky Fiona. 

A former U.S. Navy submariner, Alex uses his high tech nuclear submarine training to configure measurements for martingale collars needed to fit overweight pugs with bizarre head and neck sizes. His current day time career finds him as an electrician at a leading chocolate manufacturer where he uses his high tech nuclear submarine training to configure ways to keep chocolate making machinery running. He received his college degree post-enlistment from Elmhurst College where he received a BS degree in Business Management. A fact he often brings up to the head bitch when she questions any of his business strategies.

A true blue pinstriped New York Yankee fan, Alex also enjoys spending time with his dogs and cats, organic gardening, rockin' out to live music, and corrupting his twin nephews. He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit he sews very well. In 10 years he will still tell people he is 22 years old, have his tattoo sleeves done, and will have restored a classic car.


Brigid “Bee” O’Malley – Intern Extraordinaire/Customer Service Guru

Bee joined the Lucky Fiona Studio in mid-2009 and has been our right arm ever since! In addition to having an incredible eye for vintage fabrics and design, Bee also keeps production super organized and can recite zip codes and postal rates from memory. She is often who you chat with if calling or emailing the studio after hours and on weekends. Bee sometimes comes up with names for fabric colors like “purplicious limonaise” and we just nod, smile and agree with her. In her spare time Bee is earning her M.F.A. in Textile Design with an emphasis on Green/Sustainable Design and keeps busy helping several humane groups and breed rescues. She shares her life with Obi and Nick (we’ll let you guess which one is her dog) and in 5 years hopes to publish a book on Home Design that incorporates DIY with organic composting, flower propagating, and how to make your day happy…not sad.

Email Bee at: (attn: Bee)


Rebecca Ryan Marino - East Coast Senior Sales Executive/Part Time SuperHero/ Role Model to Women Everywhere

While reviewing candidates for this position we had to consider that we needed a very special type of person. One with lots of energy and enthusiasm for our products and the witty charm of a natural salesperson. More importantly, we also needed to find somebody who would accept payment in cat collars, feather headbands, and Head Bitch t-shirts in lieu of an actual paycheck. Enter the lovely and talented Rebecca Marino!
Some may call her a Crazy Cat Lady (not to her face, mind you) but we call Rebecca Super Lady! In addition to her thriving Real Estate career (need to buy or sell a home? Check out: Rebecca at R.Ferris Real Estate ) The tireless Rebecca raises two strapping young sons, plays a mean tennis match, puts a love spell daily on her hubby Bobby with her knockout good looks and gourmet cooking abilities, and makes time to volunteer in her community. Yeah. She’s kind of perfect.

With a fistful of Lucky Fiona collar samples and shouting the merits of our products to retailers in the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, Rebecca is indeed Super! We don’t even mind that she talks in a really high pitched voice to her cats Jack and Pearl and has some strange secret language they share. It’s um, er, cute. Not at all crazy. Really. In 5 years Rebecca hopes to sell so many houses she can’t keep count, learn to find more passions to follow, and keep her cat eccentricities a secret from the general public.

Email Rebecca at: (attn: Becky)

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